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The Rust Bucket Blogs return: VE Cummins performance
Posted June 27 2008 03:42 PM by Jason Sands 
Filed under: Editorials, Direct Injection

89 dodge vs 27t

Well, it now officially looks like 1st gens are taking over the blog section, but I know the hordes of emails I recievced from readers asking where the Rust Bucket blogs went will now be happily replied to.  It's been a few months since we have done ANY modifications to RB, and there are a few reasons why:

1.We're busy, it's event season time and sometimes our own projects suffer so we can go out of california to cover other people's cool stuff.

2.We last left Rust Bucket at 301hp, which means we broke 300 at the wheels.  For a VE truck, that ain't bad.  Our original goal of 350 seems a little too low now, so we've set our sights on 400.  To be honest, we've done a lot of thinking on what is the best way to get there.

Our truck is almost never driven hard on the street, so there is little reason for us to build a hot street vehicle.  The truck's usage depends on the type of build, and our truck is mainly used to drive back and forth through downown LA.  Very little chances for hot doggin around.

So our new goal for 400hp involves overfueling the truck a bunch with a 14mm pump head from KTA-Cummins, a compressor upgrade to help airflow, a lift pump upgrade to help our 14mm live, and nitrous to keep EGTs down.  We're hoping for a hot 400hp on fuel, and about 500hp on nitrous.  At that point we'll be worried about the stock trans limits, blowing a head gasket, and cracking a head, so this will effectivley be one of the last true "budget" steps we make.  The good news is all this junk should add 100 no nitrous horsepower for under $1000, and if we can have a nitrous'd 500hp, 12 second truck for about $7000, we'll consider it a job well done.

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