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Oil Additive That Works

Fixing 6.0L Injector Issues
Posted February 2 2010 02:52 PM by Mike McGlothlin 
Filed under: Opinions, Diesel Engines

hot shots secret

It’s often rare that any additive for diesels performs exactly as it states…


That’s why I feel the need to spread the word on this stuff. It’s called Hot Shot’s Secret and is made by Lubrication Specialties. We featured it in the New Products section of the December issue.

The Cause:
The most common cause of cold startup issues on 6.0L’s is due to stiction in the injectors. Stiction in 6.0L’s is caused by excess oil in the end cap of the spool valve’s interface area, which basically increases the hydraulic latching of the spool valve. Unfortunately, stiction increases as oil viscosity increases. It starts with a thin film of oil coating the inside of the injector, and over time a buildup of burnt oil and varnish accumulates (much like the oil coking that occurs in turbochargers). Once enough buildup is present, oil entering the injector is slowed, causing the “bucking” and “jerking,” and white smoke on startup that 6.0L’s are notorious for. Essentially, the injectors are not firing evenly, which causes an imbalance (ie: erratic idle), but once the engine warms up the problem goes away. This is because the oil has been softened up, allowing the injector to function properly again.

The Fix:
The 64-ounce bottle of oil additive is simply added during an oil change. OC Diesel Shop, a reputable shop we visit with frequently, swears by the stuff. According to them, they’ve seen this oil additive work firsthand, and claim the product makes 6.0L injectors fire like new again.


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