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TDI 1.9L 220hp and 400 lb-ft to the Wheels
Posted August 24 2010 01:17 PM by jason.thompson 
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I got this message from a TDI enthusiast whose 1.9L Jetta delivers 220 hp and 400 lb-ft to the front wheels. He also gets 50+ MPG on the highway. I'd like to do more with VW diesels in Diesel Power maybe have a section dedicated to them every month. We've featured a Jetta before but I agree we should definitely do more. Kind of sucks my 6.9L doesen't make that much horsepower although I bet my torque curve is flatter (as I kick the dirt and look away in shame).


    The message in its entirety:


Thanks for returning my email.... Here is a list of modifications and the pictures are attached. Hope to hear from you soon.

Nothing would be possible without the blood, sweat, and tears of the following TDI experts.

TDI CLUB ( VW/Audi TDI enthusiasts community: This website single handedly has the most TDI diesel information in the world. This site is where I met everyone who had to do anything with my car.

Jason Dignardi: (Friend and TDI guru in Port Jervis, NY).... There were countless nights at the shop working on my car until 3am. He built 90% of this car in the tiny shop. He custom made the exhaust, installed everything from the turbo, to the FMIC, to the headlights, to the injection pump, lift pump, suspension, as well as doing all repairs on the car.

Chris Hill @ Kraftwerke Autotechnic in Boston, MA ( The man who built up the engine internals. He got the pistons ceramic coated and compression lowered to 18.7:1, instaled the upgraded connecting rods and got them rifled (small oil nozzle in each).

Wild Bill @ Coughlan Machine in Norwood, MA ( He builds 300hp to 1425hp marine/race/drag motors along with porting and repairing cylinder heads for a living. This particualr head that he custom ported for me was dyno tested and gained 25hp alone.

Geoff @ Colt Cams ( Supplied the stage 2 grind cam for the tiny 1.9 liter diesel.

Scott Dewitt @ Advanced Automotion in Corpus Christi, TX ( I sent him my leaky transmission and he gave it a new lease on life with cryo-treated gears and shaft, a Pelonquin LSD, and brand new syncros, bearings, seals, etc.

Peter Noble @ ID Parts ( Supplied most of the new parts that went into this car... everything from the turbocharger to the suspension.

Jeff Robertson @ RocketChip Tuning ( This man custom tunes diesel vehicles all over the globe. He is one of the most highly regarded chip tuners for these little diesels. He created the RocketChip Stage 6 rocket race tune that winds this little motor up to 6000RPM (stock redline is 4600RPM). You must have a fully built motor to even qualify for the stage 6 tune.

Aaron @ Bora Parts ( Custom built a DC stage 4 clutch for me that can hold 575ft/lbs at the crank

MY LOCATION: Neversink, NY 12765
Daily driver: Yes for the most part. I have a 2nd Jetta TDI that I drive in crappy weather and a Jeep Liberty for hauling and snow storms. (I plan on replacing the Jeep with a Cummins powered RAM in the future BTW)

The car: 2003 VW Jetta GLS TDI Diesel w/150K miles.
Engine: 1.9L TDI (Turbo Direct Injection) inline 4 cylinder.
MPG: 43 just driving around the mountains. 50+MPG on the highway
Range: 650-800 miles on a single tank
HP: 220 at the wheels (a stock 1.9L TDI dynoes 83hp at the wheels)
Torque: 400+ at the wheels (a stock 1.9L TDI dynoes 140 ft/lbs at the wheels)
1/4 mile: (estimated) mid 13's
0-60: 5 seconds in 2nd gear.
Car weight: 3000lbs

Chip Tuning:
- RocketChip stage 6 rocket race tune  (6000 RPM)
- Garrett VNT1752 hybrid turbocharger (also known as the 17/22)
 This turbo is tiny but spools super fast and runs 28PSI!
Fuel Delivery:
- Fratelli Bosio RACE520 injector nozzles
- 11mm Injection Pump (stock is a 10mm pump)
- PD LiftPump
- 2.5" RacePipe (EGR delete)
- PD150 Intake Manifold (manifold off the Euro PD150 TDI)
- 3" Old Man Intake (goes from the airbox to the turbo)
- VR6 Airbox/MAF  (larger MAF sensor housing)
- 3 Bar MAP sensor (allows more boost)
- FMIC w/2.5" pipes (ebay kit rated for 30PSI)
- 2.5" turboback hand built custom exhaust
- Built 5spd w/cryo-treated gears
- Pelonquin Limited Slip Differential
- DC Stg 4 clutch
Engine internals:
- Colt stg. 2 Cam
- Integrated Engineering connecting rods (rifled w/race bearings)
- Ceramic coated pistons bore stage 2
- Ported Head stage 3.5
- ARP head studs
Gauges & misc:
- Boost Valve controller (controls turbo surge)
- McNally Digital Boost/EGT Gauge
- A-Pillar Pod for gauge
- Panzer Skid Plate
- Bilstein TC Sport shocks/struts
- Koni Sport Springs (2" drop)
- Custom Rear Sway Bar
- ASA 18X8's w/Kumho Excsta tires
- Winter 15X6‘s" w/Bridgestone Blizaks
Custom exterior lighting:
- Black E-code Euro headlights w/fog
- Smoked Tails
- LED bumper fog lights
- Clear side markers
Other random modifications
- Interior trim kit
- Window tints
- Rain guards
- Sunroof visor
- “Badgeless” Euro Grill
- Window decals
- Custom bagdework

Plans for the future: a GTB2260VK turbocharger, custom exhaust manifold, W/M injection, Re-tune.

Believe it or not Jason, there are faster TDI's out there in North America snd Europe. People with bigger turbos and heavier fueling, W/M injection and nitrous. There are some TDI CLub members that have over 250WHP 500ft/lbs.... It's just that we never see much of built TDI's in Diesel Power. I want to thank you again for considering my Diesel VW pocket rocket for a feature.


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