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Wonder Engines: Anyone know Dutch?
Posted December 18 2010 10:16 PM by jason.thompson 
Filed under: Diesel Engines, Tech Tips


 I got a message from Franky Devaere an engine inventor who showed me his designs and some other people's as well.


The messages: 

Dear sir,
I spotted on the Internet an article about the Reisser engine.
I would like to bring under your attention that I had also a concept of a similar torrodial engine (see also a Wolffman-patent and Bradshow omega engine ).
Drawings in attachment.
I named the engine the “TROPE”, torodial opposed piston engine.
I’ts a 2-stroke engine with 4 cylinders and 8 friction-free opposed pistons having external scavenging-turbochargers.
It can operate on petrol or diesel and should have many same advantages as mentioned in the Reisser-article.
The engine is not in production or development because I’m designing an even better type of combustion engine. (with Homogeneous charge compression ignition and variable compression)
PS: Sorry for my basic English.
Vriendelijke Groeten/Kind Regards/Salutations,
Franky Devaere

Vinkstraat 42
Belgium - Flanders

Dear sir,
Thanks for the reply. I will make an animated working principle on you tube and send you this link.
Meanwhile, in the Netherlands ,  a Dutch resource knowledge magazine for automotive professionals wrote an article about this engine  ( inclucing Reisser and others ).

kind regards
Franky Devaere, Belgium - Flanders

Dear sir,
The link :
I let google translate the amt article :
Basicly the article is a build up from large known lineair opposed piston engines ( Junkers, Napier Delta, Commer , TS 3 ) to the compact toroidal versions like Reissler and my approach ,trying to achieve greater power to weights ratio’s.
These toroidal engines have free ùoving pistons, no friction – no wear.
The big difference between my design and the Reissler is that my design doesn’t have lineair or sliding moving components, just easilier to grease rotating joints. However both engines grease there parts on a more suitable place away from the combustionchambre.
Kind regards
Franky Devaere


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