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Diesel Power Started the Power Revolution

POWER is the New GREEN
Posted December 12 2011 03:02 PM by jason.thompson 
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 A few years back someone started saying GREEN and ever since its been a part of our vocabulary and mindset. Green means taking care of the environment by not mindlessly wasting our resources. Basically being more efficient by cutting back and conserving. POWER on the other hand means everyone wins. The environment and humans. Some say, Man versus Nature but isn't man a part of nature not separate from it? So when we hurt nature we're really hurting ourselves. Ever seen the TV show where the guys go out in nature and struggle with it to survive. I call that camping and its way more relaxing and safe than civilization in my opinion. I hope there is still some natural places left for future generations. Even in Minnesota you are only supposed to eat a few fish because of mercury poisoning. Fixed nitrogen fertilizers and tiling are killing the southern lakes....I could go on with problems but I want to look for solutions and GREEN POWER is the the ultimate combination.

 I saw this sign in Lowes. It was advertising a toilet. It said POWER! It's everywhere or maybe I'm going crazy, which is a possibility?

If you see the word power somewhere tell about it in the comments section below. Or send me an email:

The POWER revolution was started by Diesel Power. To me it's basically about doing stuff smarter. Or maybe its about being more in tune with the way things are. Or maybe its about giving a crap about this world.  Even if it is flushing a toilet.


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