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HP Isn't Everything

The Perfect Daily Driver...
Posted September 21 2012 05:15 PM by Mike McGlothlin 
Filed under: Diesel Trucks, Trend Observations

550 hp Chevy

    What's your idea of the "ideal" daily driven diesel pickup?

 If you ask us, it's actually a truck that makes less horsepower than you think. Like 500-to-700 rwhp. We're not alone either. Even the experts say the perfect daily driver is only a 500-to-700 hp truck. And by experts, we mean shops that build 800 and 900 hp trucks on a regular basis. Think about it. You don't have to worry about snapping shafts or wasting the torque converter in a built transmission, you're hard pressed to damage an AAM 1150, Dana 80, or Sterling 10.5, and you won't need to cruise around in 4-Hi when it rains...

 You simply can't beat the drivability of a truck with stock compression, small-to-moderate injectors and turbo, and the hop-in-and-go nature of a truck that's not too far from stock.

 So, the next time you're daydreaming about your 1,000 hp daily driver, be happy with the 500hp ride sitting in the driveway. You might already have the perfect truck and just don't know it...


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