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New Particulate Matter Study

Ultrafine Particles Aren't Linked To Health Problems
Posted January 24 2013 05:06 PM by Mike McGlothlin 
Filed under: What's New, Diesel News


    Warning: If you were uncertain about the health effects of diesel emissions before, be prepared to learn nothing by reading this...

 That's right. The only new news in diesel particulate matter is that we still have no idea how harmful it truly is. According to the Health Effects Institute (and as published on, despite a growing number of experiments, "studies to date have not provided consistent findings on the effects of exposures to ambient levels of ultrafine particles." This is good news for anyone regularly exposed to diesel emissions, as ultrafine particles are much smaller than the regulated and deemed-dangerous PM 2.5. Surprisingly, the EPA hasn't devised a way to regulate ultrafine particles so far.

 The PM 2.5 particle class has been thought of as a contributing factor in cardiovascular and respiratory health effects, but no evidence supports ultrafine particles (an even smaller particulate than PM 2.5) as the primary reason for these health effects, which oddly enough, proved many in the scientific community wrong.

 It's still unclear which pollutants within the complex makeup of particulate matter matter most when it comes to our health. I think we should get to the bottom of this (the root of the problem, if you will) before we are subjected to more emissions regulations. Let's do the homework first, so our credibility isn't sacrificed later. Oh wait...

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